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Literacy into Therapy Plan

FREE Fun with Literacy Worksheets!

Karen Thatcher, EdD, CCC-SLP,

Karen Thatcher – Children with learning disabilities require more exposure to a literacy rich environment and opportunities in order to begin developing a foundation for literacy.

As providers, we not only affect a child’s current development, we also have the ability to shape a child’s future academic and social success. And it doesn’t have to be hard to incorporate literacy into therapy goals, and here’s how…


Overcoming the Impossible with the Phone

Marilee Fini, MA, CCC-SLP

For a person who stutters, talking on the phone can be a particularly challenging situation. Get tips, and download the free worksheet to use with your clients who stutter and struggle with the phone.


Nurturing the Mind, Body and Soul of Those Who Stutter

Marilee Fini, MA, CCC-SLP

Marilee Fini, MA, CCC-SLP, sheds a unique light on the subject of stuttering since she has spent most of her life dealing with her own stuttering. Throughout her journey, she has faced many situations which she deemed as “IMPOSSIBLE” but was able to overcome them through hard work, dedication and faith.


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