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Nurturing the Mind, Body and Soul of Those Who Stutter

Marilee Fini, MA, CCC-SLP

Marilee Fini, MA, CCC-SLP, sheds a unique light on the subject of stuttering since she has spent most of her life dealing with her own stuttering. Throughout her journey, she has faced many situations which she deemed as “IMPOSSIBLE” but was able to overcome them through hard work, dedication and faith.


The Timing Therapy Exercise Every Therapist Needs

Give us four minutes, and we'll show you how you can see up to 30% gains in the executive-function skills of your clients with ADHD.


Can adding an iPad® to therapy increase your patient's cooperation?

Lorelei Woerner-Eisner, OTR/L

Your iPad is a powerful tool for more than just games and streaming video. Explore how you can use tech beyond apps to motivate and engage your patients.


Stop telling your patients with dizziness, “I can’t help you."

Bridget Kulick, PT

It's an all too common diagnosis, and often these patients are frustrated, fatigued, and feeling hopeless. Learn how to quickly identify the type and cause of your patient’s dizziness.


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