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Cheryl Scott has enjoyed working with breastfeeding moms and babies for over 30 years. Cheryl's exciting and fulfilling years as a neonatal intensive care nurse and postpartum nurse led her into her current passion, working as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Her role as a lactation consultant spans many professional venues: inpatient lactation consultant, investigator for several human lactation research projects, published author, international speaker and co-chairperson for Kaiser Lactation Associates (KALA). Cheryl's leadership with KALA has been instrumental in leading all 20 Kaiser Medical Centers to be the first to implement the State of California's Model Hospital Policies. She also assists with the design and implementation of Kaiser Northern California's breastfeeding policies, protocols and patient teaching resources for thousands of breastfeeding mothers living in California.

Additionally, Cheryl has created breastfeeding programs for her local hospital, including: standards of care, protocols, policies, procedures, chart forms, surveys, assessment/evaluation tools, quality assurance tools, and patient breastfeeding education literature; she has also provided on-going hospital staff education. Cheryl's efforts have resulted in her local hospital being rewarded with the highest breastfeeding initiation rates in Sacramento, along with improved patient satisfaction scores for lactation services. Cheryl's Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral studies have focused on maternal and infant nutrition coupled with holistic applications supporting the mother-baby dyad. Cheryl had the pleasure of traveling extensively throughout the world to study cultural practices and foods that support maternal milk supply. She is a popular and requested speaker at national and international lactation conferences on the topics of breastfeeding support and management.


Financial: Cheryl Scott is receiving a fee for speaking at today's educational activity.


Nonfinancial: Cheryl Scott has no relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclose.