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Claudia Black is a renowned addictions and codependency expert, author and trainer internationally recognized for her pioneering and contemporary work with family systems and addictive disorders. Since the 1970s, Dr. Black's work has encompassed the impact of addiction on young and adult children. She has offered models of intervention and treatment related to family violence, multi-addictions, relapse, anger, depression and women's issues. Dr. Black designs and presents training workshops and seminars to professional audiences in the field of family service, mental health, addiction and correctional services. She is the Sr. Editorial Advisor for Central Recovery Press and serves as Senior Clinical and Family Services Provider for Las Vegas Recovery Center. She serves on the Advisory Board for the National Association of Children of Alcoholic, and the Advisory Council of the Moyer Foundation.

Dr. Black is the recipient of numerous national awards, including the 2004 Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Washington School of Social Work.

Dr. Black has been a keynote speaker on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada. Her workshops have been presented to an extraordinarily wide array of audiences, including military academies, prison systems, medical schools, and extensive mental health and addiction programs. Claudia has extensive multi-cultural experiences working with agencies and audiences in Japan, Brazil, Australia, Scotland, Iceland, Germany, England and Canada. Many of her books and videos have been translated and published abroad.

Claudia is the author of Depression Strategies,It Will Never Happen To Me,Changing Course,My Dad Loves Me, My Dad Has A Disease,Repeat After Me,It’s Never Too Late to Have A Happy Childhood,Relapse Toolkit,A Hole in the Sidewalk,Straight Talk,The Stamp Game,Family Strategies,Anger Strategies and her newest title Deceived: Facing Sexual Betrayal, Lies and Secrets. She has produced several audio CDs and over twenty DVDs. All of Claudia's materials are available from her website,

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Claudia Black is the Clinical Architect of the Claudia Black Center for Young Adults, a Senior Fellow, and Addiction and Trauma Program Specialist at The Meadows Treatment Center. She is one of the original founders and serves on the Advisory Board for the National Association of Children of Alcoholics and the Advisory Council of the Moyer Foundation. Ms. Black is an author of many books and receives royalties.

Non-financial: Claudia Black has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.


Daniel G. Amen, M.D., is a physician, child and adult psychiatrist, brain imaging specialist, bestselling author, Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and the CEO and medical director of Amen Clinics, Inc. (ACI) in Newport Beach and Fairfield, California, Bellevue, Washington and Reston, Virginia.

Dr. Amen is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, where he teaches medical students and psychiatric residents about using brain imaging in clinical practice.

Dr. Amen is the author of 39 professional articles, 4 book chapters, and 27 books, including the New York Times bestsellers, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and Magnificent Mind At Any Age. He is also the author of Healing ADD, Healing the Hardware Of The Soul, Making A Good Brain Great, The Brain in Love, and the co-author of Healing Anxiety and Depression and Preventing Alzheimer's. In February 2010, Harmony Books published Dr. Amen's new book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body. He has also written and produced four recent blockbuster fundraising shows for public television, raising more than 30 million dollars. Dr. Amen, together with the United Paramount Network and Leeza Gibbons, produced a show called The Truth About Drinking, on alcohol education for teenagers, which won an Emmy Award for the Best Educational Television Show.

Dr. Amen, together with his son-in-law, Jesse Payne, has developed a 12 week high school course on practical neuroscience called Making A Good Brain Great. The course is now being taught in 42 states and 7 countries.

A small sample of the organizations Dr. Amen has spoken for include: The National Security Agency (NSA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), Harvard's Learning and the Brain Conference, the Million Dollar Round Table, and the Supreme Courts of Delaware, Ohio and Wyoming. Dr. Amen has been featured in Parade Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Men's Health and Cosmopolitan.
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