Evaluate How Vision Deficits Impact Functional Skills

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Sandra Stalemo, OTR/L

When your patient has a neurological impairment, visual deficits often go hand in hand. Though these issues may be subtle, they can significantly impact a patient's ability to participate in their rehabilitation program.

Dizziness, unsteady walking or drifting to one side, head tilt, anxiety while walking through crowds, headaches...

That's why we made this FREE short video filled with valuable tools and strategies to evaluate how vision impacts functional skills.

Watch as Sandra Stalemo, OTR/L, guides you through the visual deficits that lead to common functional impairments in your patients with stroke, Parkinson's, MS and brain injury.

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Meet the Expert:
Sandra Stalemo, OTR/L, is an expert in vision therapy with over 37 years of experience guiding patients with vision and neurological impairments toward functional independence in a variety of outpatient and inpatient therapy settings.

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