About Us

PESI, Inc.

PESI Rehab provides continuing education for Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists. PESI Rehab seminars are designed by expert clinicians with the needs of professional adult learners in mind. Our seminars are entertaining and engaging while providing practical hands-on skills, strategies and interventions that will improve the outcomes of the people you serve. In addition to our seminars, PESI Rehab provides continuing education to professionals and organizations through in house training, publications, audio and video home study, and on-demand trainings.

PESI Rehab is a division of PESI, a non-profit organization, with a long history in the continuing education seminar business dating back to 1979. In 2011, the MEDS-PDN (Medical Education Services-Professional Development Network) brand came into the PESI family, further expanding rehab-focused continuing education and allowing PESI Rehab to better serve the needs of therapists in a variety of settings and practices. PESI is an accredited provider of continuing education by national accrediting agencies including AOTA, ASHA, and numerous state Physical Therapy boards.

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