Incorporating Vision Rehabilitation into Your Practice

FREE downloadable glossary of the most common eye-movement terms that can help you begin your vision rehabilitation journey.

Robert Constantine, OTR/L

It's sad when you think about it...

Our patients are so crippled by their vision problems, they're afraid to leave their houses.

For many, it's not even a conscious choice…Their disability just slowly shrinks the world around them... until the only place they feel comfortable is in their home.

And it makes sense...If you were worried about accidentally knocking over a shelf full of glass jars every time you went to the grocery store...

Would you want to go?

Or if you were worried that a stranger might walk up in your blind spot and snatch your purse or knock you over...

Would you feel like the world is a safe place?

Probably not.

That's why visual rehab is so important. It gives people their lives back. It helps them regain the skills to take care of themselves. And it gives them the confidence to become part of society again.

As therapists, we recognize the problems vision are causing for our patients, but we have been taught so little about how to help them. My new, online course can give you the skills to understand and manage your patients visual deficits.

This free worksheet will provide a description of the most common eye movement terms that you’ll need to know as you begin exploring vision rehabilitation.


Through my decades of clinical experience, I have developed a complete "toolbox" of unique treatment practices and I’m revealing them in this online course: Visual Rehab Certificate: Targeted Interventions for OTs, PTs, and SLPs.

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Learn the latest vision rehabilitation techniques, and discover a powerful intervention framework that has helped countless therapists and their patients overcome these exact same issues for years. Discover new ways to accelerate progress for outcomes that will earn you referrals.

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