Custom Bike Fit for Cyclists

Learn targeted approaches for comfort versus performance

Milica McDowell, MS, DPT, Paul Herberger, BS, CPT

With the increase in both casual and competitive cycling, more and more cyclists are seeking assistance with myriad concerns:
  • “My arms go numb.”
  • “I have pain in my feet.”
  • “My back feels terrible.”
  • “I have neck pain and/or headaches when riding.”
  • “My arms are numb. My back feels terrible. I have neck pain and headaches while I’m riding.”

The combination of poor form, bad mechanics, and not enough rest between sessions is detrimental.

In this quick video, learn from the industry insiders! Join triathlete Milica McDowell, DPT, and USA cycling coach and Ironman Paul Herberger, CPT, as they walk you through how to do a bike fit in your own clinic:
  • Optimal biomechanical angles for each type of biker
  • Customized approaches for comfort versus performance

Anyone with money can buy an elite level bike, but that doesn’t mean the equipment is set to fit them properly. These quick adjustments will have a significant positive outcome for your patients and best of won’t need any fancy equipment!

Help your clients perform at higher capacity with lower injury risk
The Cyclist's Toolkit
From initial screening to biomechanical assessment and mobility correctives, this course will provide you with the knowledge you need to properly prepare your patients for on- and off-the-bike success. Presented by Dr. Milica McDowell and US Cycling coach and Ironman Paul Herberger, this training will equip you with tools and skills you can immediately implement to assess and treat cyclists of all levels.
Meet the Experts:
Milica McDowell, MS, DPT, is the Director of Medical Business Development for Rocktape. She holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Idaho State University, a masters degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado and two bachelors Degrees in Exercise Physiology and Health Promotion. A Physical Therapist since 2003, she established an orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapy practice in 2003 in Bozeman, MT. She is also the founder of Bluebird Medical Supply and Epic Fitness Center. Dr. McDowell was a faculty at Montana State University in the Human Performance Department for 8 years where she taught exercise science related courses and mentored pre-health professions students. She is a published author, editor, researcher and speaks at State, Regional and National Medical and Fitness Conferences. She has taught over 200 continuing education courses and is the co-author of several continuing education systems. Originally from Alaska, in her free time she enjoys downhill and skate skiing, surfing, growing veggies in her garden and being active with her family.

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Paul Herberger, BS, CPT, is a former professional big mountain skier who competed on the Freeride World Tour for 12 years. Paul is also a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Ironman Triathlon coach who has coached numerous athletes to the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Additionally, he holds coaching certifications from USA Swimming and USA Cycling. Paul owns and operates Epic Fitness, a functional fitness center in Bozeman, Montana, where he manages a staff of coaches and trainers and oversees both in-person and virtual training programs. He has recently launched an offering for kids that are distance learning called Epic PE which provides kid-specific workout classes virtually and on-demand. Paul has participated in numerous research studies involving biomechanical predictors of sport-related injury and enjoys mentoring up-and-coming coaches and trainers. In his free time, Paul enjoys surfing, skiing, wind sports and trying to master the elusive double under.

Learn more about their educational products, including upcoming live seminars, by clicking here.

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