Spanish for HealthCare Professionals

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As your number of Spanish–speaking patients increases year after year, it’s critical you are fluent enough to communicate critical healthcare concerns, conduct proper assessments, and gather a thorough medical history of your patient.

If you struggle with this, you’re not alone. Many nurses admit to feeling defeated or frustrated when struggling to communicate with a Spanish-speaking patient.

Language barriers not only make your job more difficult, but they can also be extremely time consuming, emotionally exhausting, and detrimental to the effectiveness of your treatment plan.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard...

Learn quick translations that will help you gather personal information and medical history, along with phrases you can use to calm your Spanish-speaking patients and their families with these free flashcards.

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Want to learn more of the Spanish you need to confidently communicate with your Spanish-speaking patients?
Self-Compassion for Educators
Bridge the communication gap with our new online course designed for busy healthcare professionals who are ready to learn Spanish in an effective, non-threatening language learning experience, with "real-life" instruction geared for today's busy professional. Sign up now to get instant access to the Spanish vocabulary medical personnel need to know.

In this career-changing CE training, international speaker and award–winning educator Tracey Long, PhD, RN, APRN, MS, MSN, CDE, CNE, CHUC, CCRN, will walk you through Spanish vocabulary that you can use in any department or setting.

Through easy-to-follow video modules, made to be completed at your own pace, you will learn Spanish vocabulary for assessments, medical equipment, medications, taking family history, and so much more!
Meet the Expert:
Tracey Long, PhD, RN, APRN, MS, MSN, CDE, CNE, CHUC, CCRN, has over 28 years of nursing experience working in critical care & cardiology. She developed Spanish programs in health education and diabetes for local hospitals in Las Vegas and currently she is faculty of nursing at the College of Southern Nevada. Tracy earned her Bachelor's in Nursing Science and Spanish from Brigham Young University, a Master's Degree in Public Health Education at California College of Health Sciences and an MSN in Nursing Education at UNLV. Tracey is currently a PhD student in Nursing Education.

Tracey has served as a health welfare missionary in Colombia and works with International Service Learning taking nurses and students to Belize, Peru and other developing countries. Her research interests are Simulation, cultural competency training, measuring effectiveness in education, and diabetes. She served on the NCSBN National Nursing Simulation Study Team.

With a passion for active learning, and as an international speaker and award winning educator, Tracey helps students not just memorize, but truly learn the content material needed to successfully master skills and learning.

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