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Seminar Detail

Falls and Balance
Falls and Balance

Where:   TAMPA, FL

When:  Friday, November 8, 2013 at 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Course Description:
Fall injuries and the corresponding detriment to patient care and facility liability have grown over the last decade. As we age, statistics show that balance is affected and falls increase. Fortunately, most causes of falls and instability can be treated successfully, resulting in improved mobility and reduced risk of falls.

Register today and explore up-to-date, clinically-relevant evaluation and treatment techniques for improving balance in geriatric and neurologic patients. Patrick A. Tino will focus on how to select and use the most appropriate tools for assessing balance/risk of falls and evaluating function. You will examine the relationship between cognition, the sensory system and balance control problems and examine motor control interventions and motor learning concepts relevant to specific conditions. Leave this seminar with cutting-edge strategies and prevention techniques to improve outcomes for your patients.
Please refer to the course brochure for continuing education information.
Learner Objectives:

  1. Discuss the etiology of falls based on a systems approach.
  2. List common terms and definitions related to balance and coordination.
  3. Explain and discuss motor control.
  4. Review examination and evaluation methods to assess vision, sensation, posture, coordination, static/dynamic balance, musculoskeletal, and neurological functioning.
  5. Differentiate between central and peripheral vestibular lesions and their role in balance dysfunction and risk for falls.
  6. Review the differences between OA and RA as they relate to risk of falls.
  7. Discuss the role cognition plays in overall risk of falls.
  8. Identify intrinsic and extrinsic causes of falls.
  9. Understand the importance of pharmacology as it relates to falling.
  10. Discuss and perform basic gait assessment and identify abnormalities.
  11. Discuss and perform standardized balance tests, as well as treatment interventions to improve balance and prevent falls.
  12. Explore the cost of falls from fracture repair to lost productivity.


Patrick A. Tino is the owner of PT Rehabilitation, Consulting, & Education, LLC, which allows him the privilege of contracting with an array of home health agencies, outpatient clinics and ALF centers in Florida. Pat is also a part-time faculty at South University's PTA Program, where he is the lead instructor in Pathophysiology, Therapeutic Exercise & Orthopedic Applications and Habilitation/Rehabilitation. He also assists in lab in Advanced Hab/Rehab, Modalities and Tests & Measures. Pat is also on staff at Tampa General Hospital, where he works in the acute care setting. One of his most memorable and rewarding accomplishments was conceiving, establishing and monitoring the development of a hospital-based outpatient center vestibular rehabilitation program early in his career.

Pat holds an AAS in the program at Broome Community College. Since that time, he has gone on to earn a BS in Biological Science from Barry University and an MPT and DPT from Nova Southeastern University. He has also earned his Clinical Competency Certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation from Susan Herdman's Program at Emory University. He regularly serves as a student preceptor for surgical observation through Florida Orthopaedic Institute at Tampa General Hospital. In addition to his very active and busy clinical practice and teaching duties, Pat also regularly attends clinical education courses across the Nation on topics ranging from orthopedic and neurologic to cardiovascular in an effort to better teach his patients and students.


Financial: Patrick A. Tino is receiving a fee for speaking at this educational activity.

Nonfinancial: Patrick A. Tino has no relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclose.
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