For most children, following proper writing posture is no problem. But what about Johnny, a bright child in your class who just can't follow your directions to sit up straight. Is it that Johnny just wants to look cool slouched in his chair, or is something bigger going on?


Do you work with clients struggling with learning disabilities? It could be from a retained reflex.


Kathy Johnson, MS, Ed, is considered a go-to resource on the topic of primitive reflex integration.  She founded a specialized school in 2000, where she was an instructor and instrumental in remediating her students’ developmental and behavioral reflex therapy.  In 2002, Kathy began an educational consulting business to screen and remediate students individually.  She has given lectures and workshops to individuals and schools, been a guest on Internet talk radio shows, written several books and workbooks, recorded many DVDs, and developed a brain coach training program.  In 2010, her book, The Roadmap from Learning Disabilities to Success was published.  She continues to teach professional development workshops and to train brain-trainers around the world.


Course Content Disclosure:

Course Content Disclosure: Participants will be exposed to, but not formally trained in, the use of auditory integration therapies within the

content of this course. ASHA Position Policy states that Auditory Integration Therapy (AIT) has not met scientific standards for efficacy that

would currently justify its usage.


Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Kathy Johnson maintains an educational consulting firm, Pyramid of Potential.  She has authored a series of workbooks and CDs, The Pyramid of Potential Series.  She is a compensated author for ZLS Publishing.   She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc. 

Non-Financial:  Kathy Johnson has received training in Therapeutic Listening and Samonas Listening.