Steven T. Olivas, Ph.D., HSP, nationally-renowned speaker, author and behavior consultant, is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Middle Tennessee. He began his practice career in 1991 when ADHD was exploding onto the scene and has enjoyed working with the energy and spontaneous creativity of children ever since. Throughout his career, he has taught courses at nine colleges and universities, been a national public speaker, a regular columnist for a local newspaper and co-host of a popular radio show. He is the author of  When Good Kids Go Bad: Effective Solutions for Problem Behaviors (PESI, 2012) and the acclaimed book Bad Kids … or Bad Behavior? (Author's Corner, 2008).

For nearly 25 years, he has been helping clinicians, school systems and parents around the country understand and manage the kids and teens most likely to act out in impulsive and aggressive manners.


Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Dr. Steven Olivas maintains a private practice. He receives a speaking honorarium and recording royalties from PESI, Inc. Dr. Olivas receives book royalties from PESI Publishing and Author's Corner, LLC. He has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.


Non-financial: Dr. Steven Olivas has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.