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J. David Cole is licensed in Washington State as a Certified Counselor in private practice and Licensed Massage Practitioner. He is also a Certified Hakomi Therapist, Teacher and Trainer, a founding member of the Hakomi Educational Network and member of the Hakomi Institute. David teaches ongoing Hakomi workshops in the Seattle area as part of the Seattle Hakomi Educational Network"> 


He began practicing mindfulness in 1976 and has continued to practice and study a variety of meditation practices over the past thirty years. He studied Hakomi with Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin and Internal Family Systems with Richard Schwartz. He has been leading experiential workshops and seminars since 1980.


He is the co-author with Carol Ladas Gaskin of Mindfulness Centered Therapies: An Integrative Approach, (c 2007) a book with a companion DVD ("> )  It describes and illustrates the integration of three relational and mindfulness-based approaches to counseling: Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, and Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy. David brings to his mindfulness workshops a spirit of levity, clarity, and attunement.