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Laura Davis, DPT (NeuFit Neurological Populations Specialist)

As an athlete growing up, Laura’s original interest in the field grew out of her experience in physical therapy rehabbing her own sports injuries, and always thought that this is the direction she would take with her career. She earned her BS from Pennsylvania State University and her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Washington University of St. Louis, and it is throughout this schooling and clinical work that she found her true passion was actually in helping those with acute and chronic neurological injuries. She has spent most of her career working in trauma ICUs and inpatient and outpatient neurological rehab facilities and thus has been able to help patients along the entire spectrum – from day one of sitting up in bed to months and years later helping patients return to their daily and recreational activities. As NeuFit’s Neurological Population Specialist, she has grown the neuro program both at the NeuFit Headquarters Clinic in Austin and also remotely, writing programs for individuals who have the Neubie at home. She has put the NeuFit Method and Neubie device to practice with hundreds of patients with neurological impairments, from those with traumatic brain injuries, to spinal cord injuries, to MS, to those with rarer diagnoses, and finds it so rewarding to be able to help those with both acute and chronic injuries overcome plateaus and reach functional goals they never thought to be possible. She continues to explore new methods, techniques, and unique applications of the Neubie daily in order to better her patient outcomes and believes the possibilities are endless.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Laura Davis is the founder of Bounce Back Fitness, LLC and has an employment relationship with Neufit. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Laura Davis has no relevant financial relationships.