Manual Lymph Drainage for Edema Reduction

Powerful results in just 15-20 minutes of treatment

Elisa DiFalco, MS, OT, CMLDT, LMT

Imagine this patient: a 99-year-old woman who broke her left hip and injured her right shoulder in a fall.

Every day, swelling made her arm more and more sensitive to the touch. She wanted to return to taking care of herself, but her injuries made it nearly impossible to dress herself independently or move from her bed to her wheelchair.

Because of her age and reluctance to engage in more hands-on therapy, her treatment team was uncertain what they could do to help her regain her independence…

…but what if there was a way to help this patient in just 15 to 20 minutes – and see improvements just one day later?

Manual lymph drainage (MLD) is a time-tested, non-invasive treatment that’s gentle for both the patient and the practitioner. By stimulating the healthy and more centrally located nodes, it’s possible to harness the natural power of the body to restore function!

In this video, Elisa DiFalco, MS, OT, CMLDT, LMT, and her colleague Eric Raldiris, OTR/L, CMLDT, LMT, share the transformative results manual lymph drainage was able to achieve for this 99-year-old patient.

This time and cost-effective technique was able to dramatically reduce pain and swelling...allowing this woman to regain her independence.

From elderly fall victims to individuals struggling with headaches, torn muscles, bruises, and more, manual lymph drainage is a gentle modality with the power to be part of the solution for so many of your clients.
Help Patients Get Back to Their Lives with This Brief & Gentle Treatment
Trauma & Attachment
Many surgeons are now recommending manual lymph drainage (MLD) for their patients due to its ability to accelerate healing. From joint replacement to plastic surgery, MLD is the “must have” modality when treating edema, bruising, pain and scars. In this extensive certification course, you’ll be fully equipped to develop an MLD protocol that easily fits into your treatment session.
Meet the Expert:
Elisa DiFalco, MS, OT, CMLDT, LMT, began working as a Lymphedema Specialist & Clinic Day Educator for Robert Lerner, M.D., “The Pioneer of Lymphedema Treatment.” Soon after receiving a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy, she became Clinic Director/Owner of LTS Clinic where she opened a new MLD market with Florida’s leading Plastic Surgeons. From her success, she was inspired to create new MLD courses for therapists to learn from and model after.

For 23 years, Ms. DiFalco has been public and practitioner educator through monthly radio broadcasts and column for Boomer Times, support group facilitator, physician in-services, consultant to major insurance companies, public speaker at American Cancer Society and serving on several university advisory boards. She was also appointed Educational Standards Chair for FSMTA of Florida and has won the NLN Lymphedema Day Award. The in-demand educator enjoys combining education and entertainment as presenter for: FOTA, FSMTA, AMTA, ISSE, World Massage Festival, Premier Day Spa Show, CSFA and Elite conventions. Today, Elisa is moving MLD forward through technology to reach the masses and offers a weekly show featuring experts in the field.

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