CBD for Better Sleep: What You Need to Know

Discover the relevant research & clinical guidelines for treating insomnia

Genevieve Newton, DC, PhD

A growing body of research has drawn attention to the fact that sleep is an incredibly important determinant of health.

In fact, getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night on a continuous basis increases the risk for a variety of health issues, including stroke and heart attack.

Yet despite knowing the importance of a good night’s rest, so many patients you see struggle to achieve quality sleep. Distractions and disruptions keep them awake far past bedtime, while health issues like pain and insomnia prevent them from staying asleep…

And the worst part is that sleep issues are often comorbid with other conditions. If clients suffer from chronic pain, they likely struggle with sleep disturbances. If they struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions, this can also impact the quality of their sleep.

Patients are coming to you with questions. They may have tried other treatment methods in the past…

…or perhaps they’ve heard about CBD from a friend, a coworker, or even one of the dozens of shops in their community.

If you’re not sure what you can recommend, you’re not alone. That’s why Genevieve Newton, DC, PhD, provides a much-needed update on the research on CBD and sleep in the below video.

This blog is the second in a series examining the effects of CBD on common physical and mental health conditions. Check out the other installments to get an update on the latest research and recommendations: CBD for Chronic Pain and CBD for Depression and Anxiety.
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Meet the Expert:
Dr. Genevieve Newton, DC, PhD, has spent the past 19 years as a researcher and educator in the field of nutritional sciences. A series of personal health crises led her to discover the benefits of cannabinoids, and she soon found herself engrossed in studying the endocannabinoid system and therapeutic applications of cannabis/cannabinoids in mental health, pain, sleep, and neurological disorders. She has recently taken a position as the Scientific Director at Fringe, a new medical CBD and education company.

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