Chronic Back Pain and SIJD: Why I stopped using pain provocation in my evaluation of SIJD

It’s time for a shift in the way we treat the sacroiliac (SI) joint.

In my clinic, I do NOT have to provoke pain in order to treat the pelvis.

This method was developed in response to frustration I experienced with the Muscle Energy Technique model.

MET first appeared in 1979. I used to be deeply steeped in MET, I used it daily and taught MET workshops. After I developed and I taught my newer approach to the pelvic girdle, I would survey the clinicians and the general conclusion was that MET helped initially but did not provide lasting benefit.

With the system I’ve developed over the decades in my clinical career, the Hesch Method, I have a time tested and results-driven approach that gets results fast.

With 90% of my patients, I only need three visits to:
  • Restore normal, functional movement
  • Reduce nociception
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve function

In this video, you’ll see exactly how I evaluate intrinsic movement through the joint with my step-by-step approach. Join me as I demonstrate how to test a very important function of joints which is micromotion. The literature is very clear, we cannot measure the precise amount of motion within the SIJ with manual tests, however, we can easily discern when motion is blocked and can apply very simple effective methods to restore normal motion translation through the pelvis into the rest of the body. This reduces nociception, improves proprioception, and reduces muscle inhibition via muscle and ligament mechanoreceptor normalization. Within 1-3 visits patients are able to be free of passive care and are performing simple self-care for every pattern of lumbopelvic-hip motion dysfunction and are able to easily progress exercise rehabilitation. This makes for very efficient patient care and produces very satisfied customers and referral sources.

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Meet the Expert:
Jerry Hesch, DPT, MHS, PT, has specialized in treating individuals suffering from acute and chronic pain from hypomobility and hypermobility/instability from sacroiliac joint dysfunction and dysfunction in joints throughout the body. He started The Hesch institute for Sacroiliac Treatment, Research, and Eduction in Aurora, CO to treat patients and educate other therapists in his evidence-based whole-body approach called the Hesch Method. Dr. Hesch’s practical approach is one of the safest, most effective methods you will find that dramatically improves SIJD with brief treatment.

Dr. Hesch has presented over 100 workshops in the USA, Canada, and Europe, including state, national, and international conferences. He has published three book chapters and a book, Treating Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and Lumbopelvic Pathomechanics. Currently, he is working on a third book chapter on spring-recoil articular motion testing. He has posted hundreds of videos on his YouTube channel, Jerry Hesch, as a clinician’s resource to restore integrated joint function.

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