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An invitation to our first Pain Summit

Matt Anderson, PT, DPT

Early in my clinical practice, I found patients in pain to be the most intimidating and difficult to treat. I was eager to help and make a difference, but it was clear my skillset was inadequate.

I quickly consumed all the manual therapy training within reach. And many of my patients started showing improved posture, range of motion, strength, and mobility …… Yet, they continued to report significant pain.

After nearly 15 years of research, I finally did it! I found the secrets to improve outcomes and have built a successful practice specializing in treating chronic pain.

You can have this same success, and it won’t take you 15 years of trial and error, I promise …

That’s because I’ve gathered the world’s most remarkable chronic pain experts together for PESI Rehab’s first ever Pain Summit on March 3-4, 2022.

This is two days of learning that I guarantee will transform your clinical practice overnight!

These are the experts who showed me how to push the limits of what seems possible and taught me how to break the cycle of failed treatment approaches and achieve results that matter.

The brilliance of these speakers is inspirational, the research and strategies presented are their legacy, and the information is what your patients are waiting for you to discover — because you’ll finally be able to offer them a life outside of chronic pain…

We have three incredible keynote speakers lined up for you. Don’t miss the chance to learn from:

Beth Darnall, PhD, on Empowered Relief™: A Brief and Scalable Solution for Chronic Pain Management

    Join Stanford pain scientist, clinical psychologist, author and international speaker, Beth Darnall, PhD, as she introduces Empowered Relief™. Empowered Relief™ is a NIH-funded single-session 2-hour intervention that rapidly equips participants with effective pain relief skills. Remarkably, this method may be delivered by ALL healthcare providers! Avoid a singular focus on interventional and procedural approaches to chronic pain management. Empowered Relief™ complements traditional treatment strategies for meaningful ‘whole-person’ pain management.

Lorimer Moseley, DSc, PhD, on The Fit for Purpose Model of Pain and the Bioplasticity of Recovery

    Join one of the world’s most influential pain neuroscientists, Lorimer Moseley, as he shares advances in managing one of the greatest challenges in healthcare - pain. Expect current viewpoints and age-old philosophies to be challenged as we examine a new frontier of managing persistent pain. You will be provided with theoretical and reasoning models to guide modern science application in clinical practice. This clinical framework will assist in effective planning of patient recovery. Obtain tools to enable, empower and optimize patient recovery.

Perry Nickelston, DC, on Contributions of the Abdominal Ganglia in Chronic Pain

    There is no such thing as an isolated injury in the body. There is no such thing as isolated healing. Chronic debilitating pain is solvable in most instances with the proper skillset and patient participation. Discover techniques to achieve sympathetic/parasympathetic balance of the nervous system to reduce persistent muscle tension and pain. Additionally, we will examine how the abdomen relates to full body chronic pain issues and identify an elusive cause of chronic symptoms. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your clinical skillset and improve treatment outcomes.

Our keynote speakers, plus eight more experts, will give you a multi-disciplinary look at pain science, manual techniques, and non-opioid activity-based treatment strategies from physical therapy, chiropractic, clinical psychology, pain neuroscience and naturopathic practice viewpoints.

Treating chronic pain doesn’t have to be a hopeless endeavor …

Unlock evidence-based pain management solutions proven to make a difference — both for patient care and provider self-care.
Join Us On March 3-4, 2022
Pain Summit: An Evidence-Based Toolkit to Retrain the Brain
The concept of pain management all too often leaves more questions than answers. Further complicating matters, we know many treatment models have failed. The world’s greatest contributors in Pain Science, including Lorimer Moseley and Adriaan Louw, offer an alternative, a key to unlock the potential to achieve GUARANTEED success in the treatment of chronic pain. Your patients place their trust in you for help. This is your opportunity to acquire the skills that earn their trust.

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